2 More Days, 8 More Authors: “Unforgettable Lovers” Book Party!

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Welcome! Stop by our Unf”orgettable Lovers” Multi-author Event. I’m featuring eight more authors before the event ends, four authors each day. Each author’s chosen POV  (point of view) character will tell what, in his or her opinion, makes someone an unforgettable lover. I personally love to get an intimate view of the characters, and I think you’ll enjoy hearing them speak “off-the-cuff.”

Tomorrow, I’m featuring books and POV characters by LaVerne Thompson, Rachelle Ayala, Doris O’Connor, and Raven McAllan, and on the 17th I’ll be featuring POV characters by Tricia Drammeh, Stephanie Keyes, Harlie Williams, and Lynda Kaye Frazier. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your email address.

All commenters have a great chance to win a copy of their book of choice from ALL books featured throughout the “Unforgettable Lovers” Book Blog Party, so scroll through and check out ALL the “Unforgettable Lovers” posts!! Every time you comment on an “Unforgettable Lovers” post, your name is added an additional time for more chances to win 🙂

Dariel’s Week of Sexy Heroes and Friends

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Hi, Everyone! ‘Tis the season for a super busy few weeks! Let me tell you about some of my upcoming blogger features.

December 8th – Author Danita Minnis will be visiting with a great addition to my Christmas reading list – “Falcon’s Angel!” I loaded this novel to my Kindle when it was released, but had several books to review ahead of it. Click here to stop by

December 8th – Also, my friends and I are having a Facebook “like” party at Color of Love! Come by so we can share “likes” for our Amazon books and pages!

December 9th –  Multi-published, award-winning author Beth Trissel has 2 books on my Christmas reading list – both Christmas romances

December 10th – Author Vanna Smythe is visiting with “The Protector,” a fantastic-looking paranormal romance

December 11th – Author Synthia Williams shares a multi-cultural, forbidden office romance

December 12th – My post on the “Next Big Thing” blog hop with a giveaway!

December 12th – I’ll be posting a review of “Highland Healer” by Willa Blair at Satin Sheets Romance Reviews

December 13th – Last, but certainly not least on my Christmas reading list, author Linda Leander is visiting with “Inzared”

December 14th – Let the mega-hop begin! “Holiday Gifts of Love” blog hop with over 150 participating authors, super swag-pack giveaway, Amazon gift card, etc. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win hundreds of prizes!

dark sentinels

Review: The Eagle’s Woman by Miriam Newman

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The Eagle's Woman

Son of an impoverished, dying Norse chieftain, Ari raids for booty and slaves so he can feed his people. Pagan himself, still he spares priests though he sells them. He’s a heathen, a murderer, and it is a sin for any Christian woman to love him. Yet when he abducts Maeve from her peaceful Irish fishing village, he may have found the one woman who can.

“The Eagle’s Woman” is a novella set in Viking times. Ari is a “heathen” Viking, and Maeve is a “God-fearing” young maiden. Vikings live by taking from the land of others. As the Vikings continue on their way, raping, killing, and pillaging, they seek the greatest prizes to sell and replenish their riches – women, particularly young women.

Ari is the younger of two male children, so his older brother, Soren,  stands to inherit their land, and Ari will have to leave and make a home elsewhere.

Maeve is betrothed to another man, but he is rough and inconsiderate with her, and overly eager to bed her with just his own pleasure in mind. When one of Ari’s men captures and attempts to rape Maeve,  Ari saves her – not because he’s against her being raped for moral reasons, but because she is worth much more as an untouched virgin.

Ari takes measures to keep her alive because she will bring him a good price at the market, and although he won’t admit it, he is attracted to her. Unfortunately, as soon as his jealous-hearted older brother sees her, he wants her for himself.

I was impressed by Newman’s ability to weave such strong characters and believable conflict into this short historical novella. Ari has some less than ideal complications in his life, and the romantic in me would have preferred a more open expression of his feelings, but the book held my attention because of the three-dimensional characters.

“The Eagle’s Woman” is a quick, action -packed, well-written story, but a little light on the romance for my taste. 3.5 stars.

Introducing Vallory Vance at Book Talk Wednesday This Week!

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Vallory and I met at SheWrites! Talking back and forth online, we found we have quite a few things in common. Now, she has a new release, “Music For Her Soul.” Note: the pic above is just a representation of Vallory and her hubby. As a musician, I always enjoy reading stories about other musicians. Take a peek.

Jennifer James Released “Love Kinection” Today, and I’ll Be Hanging Out With Her Tomorrow!


Hi, Everyone! The wonderful Jennifer James released “Love Kinection” today! Woohoo! I’m blessed to get to hang out with her tomorrow in continuation of my “Dark Sentinels” book tour! Please come join us 🙂 Oh, and it’s my birthday tomorrow!!

Review: Descension by B.C. Burgess

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            “Descension” is actually two love stories in one – we have present day Layla, a witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch, and Quinn, the strikingly handsome stranger who has loved her his entire life, and later we learn of their ancestors, Rhosewen (Rose) and Aedan, powerful bonded witches in their own right. This epic story got off to a rather slow start, but I was grateful to have been patient for once. Descension continued to gain momentum once Layla and Quinn met, and I was hesitant to put it done from then on.

Burgess chooses to introduce us to Layla, a 21 year old witch, just months after the death of her adoptive mother. Layla is soon led to uproot, leaving her exceptionally sheltered existence to embark on a quest for self-discovery. She meets Quinn, a chivalrous hotty who not only makes her feel things she’s never felt before, but guides her to her Wiccan history. Through him, she learns for the first time that she was adopted as a baby, has an entire family/coven in another state, a rather vivid history, and a whole lot of catching up to do. Oh, and there’s a villain on her trail who had a hand in the deaths of her biological parents.

In addition to the lovers, a bevy of colorful, mostly likeable supporting characters and hateable villains allow the reader to step into her world for the duration of the story. Burgess has woven two sweet love stories into a web of witchcraft, murder, and plain old scornful craziness. With the exception of the somewhat slow start, I really enjoyed “Descension,” and came to genuinely care about the characters. I was especially impressed by Burgess’ ability to weave the two love stories seamlessly. I recommend this book to both YA and adult readers – 4 stars.

Featured Guests On Blogger Site

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Mark your calendars! My featured guests for this week’s Book Talk Wednesday are Britt Bury and Patti Roberts! Everything is paranormal. Britt is sharing an excerpt from “The Darkest Day,” and Patti is sharing a book trailer and some freebies from her “Paradox series.” Stop by and check them out! You won’t want to miss it 🙂

Britt Bury                                                                                            Patti Roberts

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