Genesis: Who are “The Alerians – Dark Progeny?”



“The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days

 – and also afterward – when the Sons of God went to

the daughters of men and had children by them.

They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” NIV Gen. 6:4

 Biblical scholars espouse a number of opinions about the literal and theological meaning of this verse. Some believe “sons of God” were those men who were believers, attempting to live according to The One God’s laws. Continuing with this interpretation, the “daughters of men” were unbelievers who just happened to be female and sired the children of these otherwise “Godly” men. As a paranormal romance writer, however, I find the other group of scholars’ beliefs much more interesting.

According to some, the Nephilim were the offspring of angels, able to shift their naturally genderless form, and sire offspring with human women. As this coupling was forbidden, the offspring were cursed, evil, and eventually banished from the earth. In fact, some believe they were the main catalyst for The Great Deluge. They brought so much evil into the world that the great flood occurred to destroy them and cleanse the earth (dark progeny).

Imagine angelic beings with knowledge and abilities far beyond human understanding siring children with human women. What would these children be like? “The Alerians – Dark Progeny.” Survivors – Descendants of the original Nephilim.  Their home is a dimension set apart from heaven called Aleria. There, they live with the curse of their ancestors. As repentance for their forefathers’ sins, they have lived for centuries, engaged in the war against unrepentant fallen angels.

Human interaction is forbidden, and they face eventual extinction. Only one female is born for every 500 males. These females are treated like royalty, mating with the highest ranking males. The majority of males live as warriors and “Seekers,” no hope of ever feeling the touch of a woman. But things are about to change…

“The Alerians – Dark Progeny: Jordan’s Wings”

Meet Christopher C. Starr! Learn About His Controversial New Book

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Author Christopher C. Starr has a new release entitled “The Road to Hell.” Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Here’s a bit about Christopher to whet your appetite. I have a full spread tomorrow on my blogger site – more about the author and his fascinating book. Make sure you stop by tomorrow!

Vote For the Best Sir-Name For My Sexy Hero – “Dark Sentinels” Book Two


The next “Dark Sentinels” hero’s given name is Torin. Torin is a Sentinel, of course (for more about the Sentinels, click here), lives in a small town along Biscayne Bay in South Florida near the Everglades. He has a degree in biochemistry and works as a forensic specialist with the local sheriff’s department. Please choose one of the names below, and vote for your favorite in comments.

Torin Chambliss

Torin Cordier

Torin Coulson

Torin DuMont

Featured Guests On Blogger Site

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Mark your calendars! My featured guests for this week’s Book Talk Wednesday are Britt Bury and Patti Roberts! Everything is paranormal. Britt is sharing an excerpt from “The Darkest Day,” and Patti is sharing a book trailer and some freebies from her “Paradox series.” Stop by and check them out! You won’t want to miss it 🙂

Britt Bury                                                                                            Patti Roberts

Review of Mia Darien’s “When Forever Died”

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When Forever Died 

By Mia Darien

Reviewed by Dariel Raye

Author Mia Darien has woven a fascinating tapestry of characters – mostly supernatural with a few humans thrown in – into a well-written, action-packed thriller perfect for paranormal, fantasy, and action lovers. Reminiscent of the great, gritty detective novels, Dakota tells her story in first person. She’s a shifter, and we meet her as a panther, chasing her quarry. Yes, she’s a contracted bounty hunter sent out to catch the supernatural bad guys, and she can shift into any human or animal form she’s familiar with.

Dakota wins me over when she catches her prey, grumbles about it, then lifts him onto her shoulder to carry back to Darien’s version of a holding cell. Throughout the story, Dakota entertains us with her irreverent, loveable personality with comments like “vampires are creepy-ass-fuckers.” Her co-workers are an interesting menagerie of weres and vamps, and Dakota thinks she’s fine without them when the story opens, but as the action heats up and the plot thickens, if you will, she realizes more and more that their help could be useful and possibly necessary.

Contracted to work on two jobs at once, both personally charged and interrelated, Dakota finds herself drawn to a human officer while hunting an ex-lover thought to be involved in a number of brutal murders. The fact that Dakota’s long lost baby sister is also involved in the murders coupled with unresolved baggage from her past, perpetuates Dakota’s evolution into, let’s say, a better socialized antisocial.

Add an ancient vampire, Amazon warrior women, humans housing Norse Gods, Thor’s hammer, and a giant snake with steel-like scales, and you have an action-packed, yet character-driven read. I didn’t want to miss anything, because new twists kept popping up. Despite the wild characters, Darien managed to keep it believable due to her subtle world-building, and Dakota’s character is so strong that she was always the star. When I had to put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. Highly recommended 4 ½ stars!