Two Big Events For Me And Other Readers/Writers!

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Great things happening in the writing/reading world. I’ll be gracious and share the news about the group first: Lenore Wolfe had the wonderful foresight to start a hangout for authors and readers to post about upcoming and ongoing blog hops, book tours, etc. 

The World Literary Cafe is featuring my new release, “Sable” (Dark Sentinels) series book one, all week, starting August 1st! They are really wonderful resources for authors and readers. Please stop by and say “hello.”  Oh, and don’t forget to check out my book tour as well. You’ll find the schedule here.



Hello world!

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Hi there! Welcome to my new blog! I decided to dedicate this one to dark paranormal romance series. I’ll write about many of the same things as my first blog, http://www.pendarielraye.blogspot.com as well, like writers’ resources, tips, and of course, my random musings along this ever-changing, fascinating journey. Hope to see you in both places often 🙂