Untameable Heat Launch Party and Tour

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“Untameable Heat” is two separate novellas with a unifying theme (Untameable Heat, of course). We decided to celebrate together with parties and an awesome tour, Rafflecopter giveaway, the works! Check out our tour stop calendar and join us¬†on our event page for prizes, fun, and great reads ūüôā

July 11 – Mommasez –¬†http://ccclubbs.com

July 12 – Kelly P’s Blog –¬†http://kellyatx.blogspot.com/

July 13 – A.R. Von DreamZ of Dragons –¬†http://www.dreamzofdragons.blogspot.com

July 14 –

July 15 – J.M. Griffin –¬†www.jmgriffin.co¬†/¬†Katy’s interview – From Mia’s Desk –¬†www.miadarien.com

July 16 –

July 17 – Buffy’s Ramblings –¬†kennedy.blogspot.com

July 18 – Kaden’s interview – From Mia’s Desk –¬†www.miadarien.com

July 19 РSapphire Kande Contest- www.sapphirekande.blogspot.com

July 20 РSadrina Р Books and Their Worldly Realm

July 21 – Butterflies, Books & Dreams –¬†http://butterlfiesbooksanddreams.blogspot.com/

July 22 – Chantel Rhondeau –¬†www.chantelrhondeau.com

July 23 – Susan Arden –¬†http://www.eroticdreamscapefantasies.blogspot.com

July 24 – Krystal Shannan –¬†http://www.krystalshannan.com/blog.html

July 25 – Ravenz Reviews¬†Contest¬†–¬†http://www.ravenzreviews.blogspot.com/

July 26 – Danita Minnis –¬†http://danitaminnis.danitaminnis.com

July 27 РThe Romance Troupe Contest- http://www theromancetroupe.blogspot.com

July 28 –

July 29 – Jill Prand –¬†http://jillprand.blogspot.com/

July 30 –

July 31 РBecca Edwards Contest- http://beccaannesbookreviews.blogspot.com/



Dariel’s Sneak Peek Sunday: “Kaden’s Reprieve” (WIP)


SneekPeekSunday copy

Kaden glanced up to see Kushiel approaching. He had no official way to keep time, but after so many years, he felt the advent of Beltane in his loins. It was time, and his heartbeat still maintained its same steady rhythm. He stood completely motionless. Eons of shattered dreams faded from memory, every hope or expectation obliterated by years of torture and disappointment.

Kushiel’s fiery eyes narrowed and the heavy, double chains around Kaden’s neck fell away, clattering to the ground like a slithering snake. Kaden stretched, rolling his shoulders and massaging his neck.Kaden

Kushiel nodded and Kaden took off at a breakneck run for the surface.