Author Mia Darien is Interviewing Me Tomorrow!

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Hi there! This is my next to last stop on the “Dark Sentinels” book tour, and author Mia Darien is hosting me! She did an interview with Sable, hero of “Dark Sentinels” book oneΒ a couple of weeks back, and now it’s my turn πŸ™‚ Stop by and say “hi” if you get a chance.

Visiting Kitty Barton Tomorrow For “Fridays With Friends”

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Hi Everybody! Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be visiting with Kitty Barton! Come by and say “hello,” and if you haven’t met the “Dark Sentinels” yet, take a peek at my first book trailer!

Visiting With Cherie Reich, Tomorrow!

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Hi Everyone! I’ll be visiting with the multi-talented Cherie Reich tomorrow. She’s featuring my new release, “Dark Sentinels Book One: Sable” Stop by and say “hi.” Oh, and check out my book trailer while you’re there πŸ™‚

“Dark Sentinels” Hanging Out With Beth Trissel Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone! Beth Trissel will be hosting “Dark Sentinels” tomorrow on her fantastic multi-faceted blog! Beth is a prolific, award-winning author of historical and paranormal romances, so we’ll be talking a bit about the story behind the series. I’d also like to introduce you to a cause that’s very dear to my heart. Stop by and say “hi!” Remember to visit my blog for the remainder of the book tour schedule – only a few stops left! I’d love to see you there πŸ™‚

Read “Dark Sentinels” First Chapter!

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Visiting with renowned author Zenobia Renquist tomorrow! If you haven’t read it yet, stop and read the first chapter of “Dark Sentinels” as the book tour continues! Also, to see the remainder of the tour stops, click here for my blogger site.Β Β You can also catch a glimpse of my “Dark Sentinels” hero for Book two πŸ™‚

Sable, from “Dark Sentinels,” is Visiting With Mia Darien Tomorrow!

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Okay, before you ask, no, I won’t be there. That way the two of them can talk in peace. Mia Darien is interviewing him. Sable is nearly always polite, but I have to say he’s none to pleased with me right now for making him do this. Stop by and get to know a little bit about him. He probably doesn’t feel the same way about me at the moment, but I think he’s quite delightful! Also, if you get a chance, stop by and “like” and “tag” my new release and Amazon author page πŸ™‚

Jennifer James Released “Love Kinection” Today, and I’ll Be Hanging Out With Her Tomorrow!


Hi, Everyone! The wonderful Jennifer James released “Love Kinection” today! Woohoo! I’m blessed to get to hang out with her tomorrow in continuation of my “Dark Sentinels” book tour! Please come join us πŸ™‚ Oh, and it’s my birthday tomorrow!!

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