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To spur me on, I’ll be posting Sunday sneak peeks of my works-in-progress (WIP’s) here. Currently, I’m working on 3 paranormal romance series. Two, “Dark Sentinels” and “The Alerians – Dark Progeny”  have been released (book one for each series), and I’m working on their sequels. The third series, “Children of Cain,” is in the works.

“Divine Passage” – “Here, Kitty Kitty” Anthology (WIP) August 25, 2013

Black panther in tree

“They’re here already.” Bagdi whispered through clenched teeth.  “They wouldn’t even allow you one day! Don’t worry about me. You know what to do.”

Moments later, Kimani shuddered and pressed her spine against the cabinet wall. Shh! Don’t make a sound. Control your breathing. She repeated the mantra over and over in her head, slowly taking control of her fear. Just beyond the cabinet door, Bagdi spoke in a rush.  The caretaker had broken every law of their time when she insisted Kimani be trained in jiu jitsu.

Kimani replayed Bagdi’s words. By the time she reached her tenth nativity, she knew they were true. “Train hard, daughter. I want to be sure you are as invulnerable as possible. A breeder’s life is filled with challenges. You must be able to meet them head on. You may never see a day without war.”

June 30, 2013: “Untameable Heat – Kaden’s Reprieve” (available July 11th)

Kaden's Reprieve Cover

With the exception of Kushiel, everyone called the mysterious owner of “Heaven’s Touch” Ms. Lillian. Like Kushiel, she maintained the visage of an angel, her beauty unmarred by infinite years of existence. Kushiel had lived even longer than Kaden, and he and Lillian had been friends before Kaden’s birth. Like him, Ms. Lillian didn’t live among humans, but enjoyed dabbling in their love lives for some reason. Now she’d taken an interest in him, promising to find “just the right female to fix things.”

Kaden snorted, wishing he could at least use his claws to climb the daunting mountain before him. He wasn’t sure what to make of Ms. Lillian’s claims, but whether she came through for him or not, he had a job to do, and that meant getting out of Hell in record time so he could be in the right place at the right time.

May 26, 2013: “Ashanti’s Becoming”  A summer quickie (WIP)

Beltane fire lovers

Ashanti dropped the scroll with a gasp. Someone had seen her, looked directly into her eyes. Not just anyone, but a man who made her mouth water. Her mother didn’t know about it, but she’d been peeking through a tiny hole she made through her bedroom wall since her seventh birthday.

She’d seen many men to compare this one to, and her body’s reaction when their gazes met was undeniable. In fact, the fluttering of her heart, the accordion vibrating in her lower abdomen, and her apparent lapse in judgment since she still sat there in shock, unable to move, gave her pretty strong evidence of his surprising  effect on her.

Ashanti reached down and picked up the scroll she’d dropped, rose fluidly from her perch on the hill situated over the village, and cast a cloaking spell to help her blend into the darkness.

May 17, 2013


“The Alerians – Dark Progeny: Gideon’s Light” Blurb

Iris Johnson is a brilliant astrophysicist who has always believed in keeping her emotions under wraps. Adopted as a baby, she has never felt truly loved. After a terrible accident and a failed relationship, she has sworn off men, content with working long hours and stargazing.

Born nearly 200 years ago, Gideon is an Alerian warrior, a descendant of angels, and in his world the ratio of men to women is 500 to 1. Willful, insubordinate, and impetuous, he is one of the most feared seekers – elite law enforcers – because of his exceptional ability to kill.

Severely injured in a battle, Gideon’s contact with Iris awakens desires he’s never known. To save her, he will have to make impossible choices, commit a cardinal sin, and break the law he has sworn to uphold and defend.

Dariel’s #Sunday Sneak Peek: “The Alerians – Dark Progeny: Rehobeth’s Passion” (WIP)

April 28, 2013

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SneekPeekSunday copy

She swiped tears from her burning cheeks, her breathing heavy, anger setting in, emotions long stuffed away rising to the surface. Beau sat up, pricked his ears, and a hoarse whine left his open mouth as he watched her from his pallet. Barely a month after returning to her home town to care for her mother, Max found herself packing again before she’d completely unpacked. She threw her things together in two-hours, left her apartment and moved across town to the historical home her mother left to her and her half-sister. She dug under a pile of underwear, silky pinks, blacks, blues, and prints, Beau looking over her shoulder, and pulled out a flannel gown with blue flowers. Ugly as sin, but it would keep her warm.


Sneak Peek Sunday – “Kaden’s Reprieve” – Short Erotic Paranormal Romance – April 14, 2013

She tried to stop gawking at everything like a hillbilly, but it had been more than two years since she’d had the opportunity to even walk into a place like this. Since her father testified  against Arardo and the entire family went into protective custody, Tanya’s nice, cushy life had been turned upside down.

Maybe running from place to place for two years, barely owning the clothes on her back had made her forget what it was like to be wealthy. Now, she barely made enough to pay rent, not that she could stay in one place long enough to say she lived anywhere.

Sneak Peek Sunday – “Kaden’s Reprieve” – Short Erotic Paranormal Romance – March 31, 2013

Kaden glanced up to see Kushiel approaching. He had no official way to keep time, but after so many years, he felt the advent of Beltane in his loins. It was time, and his heartbeat still maintained its same steady rhythm. He stood completely motionless. Eons of shattered dreams faded from memory, every hope or expectation obliterated by years of torture and disappointment.

Kushiel’s fiery eyes narrowed and the heavy, double chains around Kaden’s neck fell away, clattering to the ground like a slithering snake. Kaden stretched, rolling his shoulders and massaging his neck.

Kushiel nodded and Kaden took off at a breakneck run for the surface.

Sneak Peek Sunday – “Kaden’s Reprieve” – Short Erotic Paranormal Romance – March 24, 2013

How the hell did they find me? I’ve been so careful! Another bullet whizzed by her. This time she smelled the sulfur. Any other woman would scream for help, but experience was a damn good teacher, and experience said screaming would just prompt him to kill her faster. Her heart drummed in her ears, beats accelerating from allegretto to vivace in seconds as she chided herself for putting her life in the hands of someone she’d never even laid eyes on.

Running footsteps behind her grew closer, but so far no more bullets whizzed by. Maybe the gun wielder preferred beating her to death. The streetlights ahead offered safety. Just a few more yards and she could disappear again. She was good at that.

Sneak Peek Sunday – “Gideon’s Light” – “The Alerians – Dark Progeny” Book Two (WIP) – March 10, 2013

You should know these things, Gideon. It is the Law, and…” Zion sliced his hands through the air, his wings erect as he straightened his body. “…do not speak their vernacular to me! What do you think will happen to him in a world where every female is precious. She will save him.”

“Even though her mother is a human female?” Gideon scoffed. “How can siring a child with a human female save him? Isn’t that what got us on the One God’s shit list in the beginning?”

Sneak Peek Sunday – “Gideon’s Light” – “The Alerians – Dark Progeny” Book Two (WIP) – Feb. 24, 2013

Gideon hated the task of killing fellow warriors, yet every accolade awarded to him thus far was in recognition of his ability to kill, whether minions, fallen angels, or defectors.

Lately, Gideon questioned his decision to become a seeker. Each time, he dispelled the thoughts as ridiculous. All Alerians considered interaction with humans a cardinal sin and one of their most sacred laws forbade it. Why should I be different? Seekers were the highest ranking warriors, maintaining order, defending the Law. Those who broke this law deserved no mercy, and certainly not his.

#Sneak Peek Sunday – “Gideon’s Light” – “The Alerians – Dark Progeny” Book Two (WIP) – Feb. 17, 2013
So pumped up at the thought of having something to do, he barely even noticed the time waning when a sword pierced him through.
Thankful for his special gift as usual, he raised his palm in the direction of the sword wielder and electrocuted him instantly. Gideon smiled, replaying the death of each of the six Minions at his hands. His swords were merely a distraction.
His smile waned as soon as he remembered his ability to regenerate would be of no use. His body would not be able to repair itself flying at this altitude, and without human sustenance, antibodies, they were called, he had no protection against disease.

Gideon tried to sense a secluded place to land, but there were too many heartbeats everywhere as he began.
to lose altitude. Already below the clouds, he was falling fast, fear of being seen the least of his worries. His
wings cut through the air behind him, useless, and despite pressing his palm against his side to cauterize the
pouring wound and stop the bleeding, he began to lose consciousness.
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Sunday Sneak Peek – “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin” –  Feb. 10, 2013

Torin nodded and grasped her hand but did not return her smile. He was far too busy trying to resist the crippling effect her melodious voice seemed to have on him. His nerve endings sizzled as he attempted to manage the sensory overload. This isn’t supposed to happen, he secretly seethed. What in the hell is wrong with me? His sexual encounters had been quick, unemotional, and necessary for physical satisfaction only, and he’d never been overtaken so–completely. Her scent intensified, tinged with desire, as molten chocolate-colored eyes gazed at him confidently, only confusing him further. Desire?

Torin_final cover

Sunday Sneak Peek – “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin” – Available Feb. 11, 2013!

Torin stormed into the building and hit the heavy glass office door with a thud. He stepped in to close the door, his back to the foyer of the large office suite, and heard quite a few more startled heartbeats than he’d expected to find there this time of day.

He took a deep breath, pasted a calm expression on his face, and turned around. He really needed to get his temper in check, fool’s errand or not.

The law office was uncomfortably full. A scared-looking secretary, assistant, whatever the hell she was, gaped at him, so he added a closed-mouthed smile and approached her desk. He thought she’d jump up and run when her heart beat even faster, but she batted her big gray eyes and her thin lips curved into a timid smile. “M-may I h-help you, sir?” He never understood his effect on humans. He wasn’t even sporting his usual scowl, but the moment he walked in, the tension was palpable.

“Yes. I have an appointment with attorney Bates.”

“Name, please?”

“Torin DuMont.”

“I am so sorry, M-Mr. DuMont. I sent you a message yesterday morning.”

Torin wondered briefly if she realized she leaned away from him as her heart rate increased yet again.

“Your appointment was canceled because Ms. Bates had urgent business this morning. I…I… requested that you call to, um, reschedule.”

When Torin stared at her, she fumbled for a calendar. “Um, Mr. Dumont, she can see you on…”

Torin glanced at the calendar, noticed she was looking at dates for next month. He interrupted, unable to restrain the growl in his voice. “I never got a message, and I left work early to come here. I’ll wait.”

Torin turned before she could say anything, leaving her mouth slightly open when he moved to the opposite wall, faced her, and crossed his arms over his chest.

That bastard step-father of his sent him on a fool’s errand. Torin was certain the asshole had received and erased the message to reschedule.

Torin hated lawyers, and couldn’t believe he’d allowed his childish desire for his stepfather’s approval to waste his time again. He shouldn’t even be here trying to help people who never gave a damn about him.

He watched the receptionist pick up the phone and overheard every word she whispered into the receiver following a distinct buzz from the adjoining office.”…yes, he’s here. He’s from the Wild Lands. Yes, I already told him…”

A sigh from the other end triggered a tingling sensation in his lower abdomen. “…Cindy, I can’t possibly see anyone else today. Just resched…”

Cindy, apparently the name of the jumpy little receptionist, stood and left her desk, headed in the direction of the lawyer’s office.

Torin didn’t have to leave his spot against the wall to overhear Cindy and the unavailable Ms. Bates. “…I tried to reschedule him already. He won’t leave! Steph, you haven’t seen him. He’s huge, and he walked in looking pissed. Not a good combination. I started to call for James to escort him out of the office, but I like James…”

Both women shared a laugh. “No, no need for all that. You offered him another appointment, he chose to wait. Let him wait. I’ll deal with him if he doesn’t get tired and leave.” Who are these people everybody’s so afraid of? I’ve been here over a year, keep hearing about them, but haven’t actually seen one yet!  She laughed again. “I keep saying I need a peep-hole in this door. You’ve piqued my curiosity, now. Wish I could work him in. I’ll speak to him myself and try to reschedule if he’s still here when it’s time for you to leave.”

Sneak Peek Sunday – 2/3/2013: From “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin”

SneakPeekSunday 2/3/2013

Finally, one man remained in the waiting room with him, but it was well after six p.m.

Torin picked up the pleasant scent of mint, lemongrass, and lilies and turned just in time to see shapely legs, a voluptuous body full of promise. The warm, mocha-colored face wasn’t bad either. Clearly, it was the owner of the musical voice. His wolf bristled beneath his skin, forcing an internal battle just to remain civilized. Confusion increased his frustration. He’d never reacted to a female this way before, and certainly not a human.

She glanced at the other client and headed straight for Torin, arm extended to shake his hand as she called over her shoulder, “Go on home, Cindy, It’s already late..”

Cindy was out of the office in a flash, glancing back apprehensively as she closed the door.

“Mr. DuMont? I’m Ms. Bates, Stephanie Bates.”

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  1. Fireshadow
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 01:59:23

    “Gideon hated the task of killing fellow warriors, yet every accolade awarded to him thus far was in recognition of his ability to kill, whether minions, fallen angels, or defectors.”

    Interesting. Perhaps Gideon feels remorse? For humans, there’s a book “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” by Grossman. That book investigates the psychology of killing in combat. Stressing that human beings have a powerful, innate resistance to the taking of life, he examines the techniques developed by the military to overcome that aversion. Do Alerians have such an aversion to kill their own? How do they overcome it?
    Not to turn a romance novel into something else. Just asking questions for you to mull over.


    • darkparanormalromanceseries
      Mar 04, 2013 @ 07:16:59

      Hi, Matt! Alerians are indoctrinated from the time they can walk, learning to respect Alerian Law above all else. They’re not raised in traditional families as we know them – most do not know their mother or father. I haven’t talked about this in the series yet, but their upbringing makes killing lawbreakers second nature to most of them, much like social learning with humans.


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