SneekPeekSunday copy

Ashanti dropped the scroll with a gasp. Someone had seen her, looked directly into her eyes. Not just anyone, but a man who made her mouth water. Her mother didn’t know about it, but she’d been peeking through a tiny hole she made through her bedroom wall since her seventh birthday.

She’d seen many men to compare this one to, and her body’s reaction when their gazes met was undeniable. In fact, the fluttering of her heart, the accordion vibrating in her lower abdomen, and her apparent lapse in judgment since she still sat there in shock, unable to move, gave her pretty strong evidence of his surprising  effect on her.

Ashanti reached down and picked up the scroll she’d dropped, rose fluidly from her perch on the hill situated over the village, and cast a cloaking spell to help her blend into the darkness.