Dariel’s #Sunday Sneak Peek: “Ashanti’s Becoming” Summer Quickie (WIP)

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SneekPeekSunday copy

Ashanti dropped the scroll with a gasp. Someone had seen her, looked directly into her eyes. Not just anyone, but a man who made her mouth water. Her mother didn’t know about it, but she’d been peeking through a tiny hole she made through her bedroom wall since her seventh birthday.

She’d seen many men to compare this one to, and her body’s reaction when their gazes met was undeniable. In fact, the fluttering of her heart, the accordion vibrating in her lower abdomen, and her apparent lapse in judgment since she still sat there in shock, unable to move, gave her pretty strong evidence of his surprising  effect on her.

Ashanti reached down and picked up the scroll she’d dropped, rose fluidly from her perch on the hill situated over the village, and cast a cloaking spell to help her blend into the darkness.

Four Star Review of “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin” From TRR

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Torin_final cover


1 people found the following review helpful Book Reviewed by Lynn (reviewer)
[ Review Posted: May 22, 2013 ] – See all my reviews
The struggle between the werewolves and the scientists who want to experiment on them continues in the second Dark Sentinels book, TORIN.Torin DuMont is a Sentinel for the werewolves that live in the protected Wild Lands in Florida. He is forced to seek the help of real estate attorney Stephanie Bates when land developers try to get their hands on Wild Lands. Torin and Stephanie, while appearing to be hostile towards one another, can’t seem to stop thinking about one another. And when Stephanie’s own problems put her in danger, she finds herself in need of Torin’s protection.Despite their best efforts to maintain a professional relationship, their mutual attraction can’t be denied. Even more disturbing than the land developers is the fact that Torin has to figure out why Wild Lands wolves keep disappearing. Torin learns of the problems other packs have had with Super Human, the scientists who want to experiment on shifters, and calls for support. Sable comes in to help Torin and his group, and at the same time helps Torin deal with his attraction to a human.

I enjoyed all of the new characters that were introduced and was happy to get some follow up on the status of Sable and Akila’s relationship from the first book. The brother/sister relationships are almost as fun to read about as the romances in these stories. The author does a great job expressing the love/irritation relationship of siblings. This was a great continuation of the Dark Sentinels series and I hope I get to read more.

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Dariel’s #Sneak Peek Sunday Excerpt: “Gideon’s Light” Blurb

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This one is with my publisher as we speak, and should be released later this year. Here’s the blurb.

“The Alerians – Dark Progeny: Gideon’s Light” Blurb

Iris Johnson is a brilliant astrophysicist who has always believed in keeping her emotions under wraps. Adopted as a baby, she has never felt truly loved. After a terrible accident and a failed relationship, she has sworn off men, content with working long hours and stargazing.

Born nearly 200 years ago, Gideon is an Alerian warrior, a descendant of angels, and in his world the ratio of men to women is 500 to 1. Willful, insubordinate, and impetuous, he is one of the most feared seekers – elite law enforcers – because of his exceptional ability to kill.

Severely injured in a battle, Gideon’s contact with Iris awakens desires he’s never known. To save her, he will have to make impossible choices, commit a cardinal sin, and break the law he has sworn to uphold and defend.

Meet My Fridays With Friends Guest: Simon Okill

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Hi, Everybody! I’d like to introduce you to my new friend and fellow author, Simon Okill. He’s my Fridays with Friends guest tomorrow at my blogger spot, and he agreed to an interview. Also, I requested pics and info about his awesomely funny urban fantasy novel, “Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe” and a bit about his current works in progress (WIPs), so stop by tomorrow and get to know a little more about him 🙂

Simon Okill

I live with my wife, Shirlee Anne and our cat, in a pretty coastal town in South Wales, UK. We both love Stephen King and had read many of his books and enjoyed their transition to the screen. Due to our love of books, my wife and I dabbled in writing for some years as a hobby. We were approached by a film company to write a paranormal TV series. We struggled most nights and all through weekends to come up with 22 episodes only for the company to go bust. Then after an accident at work, I was forced into early retirement due to disability. I used my newfound skills as a writer to help with my depression. We decided to use our TV series episodes as templates for film scripts and novels. My writing became more serious as certain A-list actors expressed interest in my scripts and my debut novel Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe was accepted by Christopher Matthews Publishing after so many British publishers turned it down.


Bigfoot Episode 2 – it’s a secret!
Eternally Yours Part 1&2 are my next two novels following the tumultuous life of a female amnesiac vampire treated in an asylum in France 1925.

SSteppenwolf is a supernatural retelling of WWII involving the Occult Warfare department run by Himmler. Think Indiana Jones searching for a werewolf.


‘Flip Side’ is one of my most exciting screenplays to date with its unusual slant on a supernatural gangster story that encompasses music and dynamic dance sequences to portray the action. The script has been optioned by Tasha Bertram of Brodie Films and Stuart St Paul has come on board to direct and co produce this fascinating piece of work.

‘Nightmare Circus’ is a supernatural revenge mystery script set in the Australian outback.

‘Dark House’ is set in Massachusetts, US, where a lonely female artist must overcome her agoraphobia to escape from three kidnappers holed up in a house haunted by a witch finder’s hanging tree.

‘Circus of Blood’ is a horror script set in Rome AD79 where two citizens go on a dangerous quest to kill a brutal serial killer. Their adventures end in Pompeii.

‘Hunter’s Moon’ is a contemporary supernatural western script set on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

The Last Warlord is set during WWII and tells of Major Stewart of MI6 who must find the Nazi’s secret Atlantis base in Antarctica or the entire world will be doomed

Thirty Five 5* Ratings – On Goodreads I have been voted Best British Fantasy Author – Best Amazon Breakthrough Novel – Best Fantasy Creature Feature Book.

Seven 5* and Two 4* reviews on Amazon

Info Links:


www.independentauthornetwork.com/simon-okill.html #IAN1






Happy May Day : Beltane Blitz Scavenger Hunts

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Beltane fire lovers

Come over and join us for The Romance Troupe Beltane Blitz!  Only 3 days – May 1st – 3rd, so don’t miss a day. It’s a blog hop, e-party, and giveaway! Lots of ways to win! 

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2. Join our scavenger hunts! Each day, we’ll feature 3 to 5 books and ask a question about each one. To help you out, we’ve added a link where you can find the answer. When we announce the scavenger hunt for each book (join our Facebook events page for announcements), the first person to post the correct answer on The Romance Troupe Google community page wins the random prize for that scavenger hunt!  “Jordan’s Wings” and “Torin” are featured in the scavenger hunts for chances to win more prizes!

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3. Play other fun games like BookGo and WordGo for additional chances to win random prizes!


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Okay, so here are the grand prizes and you can see what each author has for you on their blogs 😉


1st Grand Prize – $50 Target Gift Card

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May 1 – 3, 2013

Individual blog prize winners and grand prize winners will be announced May 5th.

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