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DARK SENTINELS BOOK ONE: SABLE is an introduction into the secret world of rare werewolf sentinels.

Sable and his twin sister, Syreena, are sentinels—wolf shifters in charge of pack security. Akila is a veterinarian who believes in the protection of all animals. Mr. Moore is a wealthy man who wants to study shifters.

When Syreena goes missing, Sable goes out searching for her, getting himself attacked in the process. Sable is shot with a drug that inhibits him from shifting to his human form and Akila is called in to help with the cantankerous wolf. While in wolf form, Sable begins to fall for the woman who is protective and caring towards him, so he returns in his human form. The attraction is powerful and the sex is lustful but Sable is not supposed to be in a relationship with a human, especially one who doesn’t know he is the wolf she protected. However, they are forced to spend time together to figure out who is harming the animals in Akila’s town.

I love a story that makes me swoon and laugh out loud and cheer for the characters. Being a short story, there were parts of the plot that seemed rushed, but the author did a great job of establishing a world for future stories. The character development was such that I can’t wait to read more about Sable and Akila and hope they are followed up on in the next book. The story also made me eager to meet more sentinels and learn about their world and how they will fight back against the humans that would use them as science experiments.