Last day of the New Year’s Blog Hop – Day 6! This is the longest hop we’ve had as a group, and I’m still receiving fantastic comments about favorite things in 2012. Actually, it was a rough year for me but I learned a lot, and managed to stay out of the hospital (that’s quite a feat for me these days). Some of the best things for me were meeting some great online friends and having two of my series novellas release – book one of two different series – “Dark Sentinels” and “The Alerians – Dark Progeny.”  I’m developing a post of my 2013 goals, and planning for an even more successful year. Here are a few more comments from the hop! There’s still time to join us. Just click here 🙂

1. Nikki.t.23 got a new car! A new ride is always nice 🙂

2. Isabelle joined Goodreads. I love them too. In face, one of my goals is to spend more time there.

3. LOL. Mimi’s favorite thing was surviving the end of the year. Remember? 12/12/12

4. Cassandra’s new family additions were her favorites.

5. Michelle’s friend had a miracle baby 😀

6. Jbst got a Kindle. Don’t you just LOVE it!

7. Wow, Missie! Congratulations to you and your daughter on the pacemaker. Medical technology is miraculous when it works 🙂

8. J. Lenni met new friends and got a good start on her second book.

9. Hi, Penumbra. I know what you mean, but Goodreads and more good books are definitely good things.

10. Woohoo, Dita! Congratulations on your degree 😀

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