Soul Weaver

Soul Weaver

“Soul Weaver” is a paranormal romance with the belief in soul mates at its core. The love  story between a heroine nearly disabled by fear, and a fallen angel indentured to serve hell through eternity sounds impossible, but constant, innate conflict builds as the relationship between the unlikely couple develops.

In addition to the plot twists and world building, the hero and heroine were genuinely likable. Chloe, the heroine, is agoraphobic, thus fearful of going outside. Nathaniel, the hero, fell from heaven for lying in an attempt to protect his brother. Simply put, they both have major baggage.

Nathaniel is literally a weaver of souls, and an assassin for hell. In Edwards’ world, the wings of fallen angels become frayed over time. Certain souls have committed acts that make them vulnerable to hell. These souls are taken, then woven together by Nathaniel and given to other fallen angels to replace worn wings.

When Nathaniel witnesses a near fatal accident involving Chloe, he goes against every law and rule to save her, to the point of giving her a piece of his soul to ensure her life and recovery. This has never been done before, so he has no idea what to expect, but he soon finds out.

Nathaniel is drawn to Chloe, and finds himself protecting her from his brothers, particularly the brother he fell from heaven to save!  He keeps secrets from his angelic brothers, his boss, and Chloe. Chloe’s agoraphobia doesn’t help, either. Her lack of faith in herself, coupled with the inability to go outside, makes her an easier target, rife with nightmares and trust issues.

Edwards’ play on soulmates, development of a flawed, but very likable heroine, and unique take on the world of fallen angels makes this a story you won’t want to miss. The world building is thorough and intricate, and the plot twists kept me guessing. Personally, I like that. In addition, the love scenes are hot and emotionally intense. An easy 4.5 stars.