Kade's Dark Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans)

I received this book free with my Amazon Prime membership. I only read and review books that I enjoy, so sit back a minute and let me tell you about this one.

Sydney is a tough, independent Philly detective who ends up sharing a serial killer case with a headstrong alpha vampire named Kade. Of course, Sydney is pretty headstrong herself, so the two clash and sizzle immediately.

When beautiful women start turning up dead and made to look like dolls, Det. Sydney Willows finds herself paired with vampire elite, Kade Isaacson from New Orleans. When two strong personalities come together, the battle for control is expected, but neither the hero nor heroine is prepared for the romantic sparks that ensue.

Turns out the villain in this tale is a former lover of the hero’s, who wants him back, no matter the cost – or at least that’s how she wants it to look. Rumor has it that she’s actually after all of his power, and she’s not particularly keen on sharing!

Overall, I enjoyed this paranormal romance with vamps, werewolves, mages, voodoo, witches, and even an apparition. The heroine, of course, is human, but lives in a society where humans are aware of the supernatural, and even have agencies governed by and for the supernatural. In fact, one of Sydney’s best friends, Tristan, is a werewolf who stole my heart away from the hero, Kade!

Sydney’s overstatements of independence became annoying at times, as did Kade’s condescending, somewhat overbearing nature, and some of the sex scenes were a little stilted in my opinion, but perhaps that’s because my expectations were too high.  Anyway, if you like alpha males, strong, capable women, and enjoy reading about serial killers, you’ll enjoy this one, and it really has a worthwhile ending. Don’t read the ending first, but the perfection of the ending brought it to 4 stars! I look forward to reading more about other characters introduced in this installment, such as Luca, Tony, and definitely Tristan. Keep ‘em coming, Ms. Grosso J