Review of “Dangerous Temptation” by Catrina (Kitty) Barton

Dariel Raye 

This is a little different because I haven’t read the entire book yet. Kitty is still working on the full novel, but the teaser is just that – interesting enough to make me want more! I can’t wait until she finishes it because so far, it’s shaping up to be a rather interesting story. “Dangerous Temptation” is a YA romance between a graduating high school senior dealing with the loss of her heroic father, and a tiger shifter who is learning to lead following traumatic events that have left him emotionally scarred.

Katie’s father, Keith, is absent most of the time due to his military obligations, and Katie lives with Pete, her father’s best friend. Barton makes it obvious that the heroine’s time spent with her father is quality time, and that Pete is a good substitute father figure, but Katie still misses her father and has trust issues that will very likely play a key role in the novel.

When her father is killed on a mission, Katie’s life changes drastically. A new, unexpected caretaker surfaces and Katie learns that her father had many secrets, and a life she knew nothing about. In order to avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that through these changes, Katie meets Cade, our hero white Bengal tiger-shifter. There is conflict between Katie and her new caretaker before she even meets the hero, and additional conflict between the hero and Katie’s caretaker. As I stated earlier, Barton has done a good job of captivating interest with a likable hero and heroine.

t’s too premature to give a rating at this juncture – I’ll wait until it’s completed for that. For now, though, I’ll just say “Dangerous Temptation” has my attention. The fact that she has chosen to write about an endangered species is also admirable. I’m always happy about anything that draws more attention to the plight of our animals, particularly endangered ones. “Dangerous Temptation” promises to evolve into a great YA read. I hope to get a chance to write a full review after its completion.