Hi! I’m hanging out with Angel Graham again, today! Today, in addition to talking about “Dark Sentinels,” I’m sharing one of my favorite characterization frameworks. With this groundbreaking personality indicator, used by psychologists throughout the world, building unique, multi-dimensional characters is at your fingertips.

Winner of the first drawing, a $10.00 E-gift card to Bath and Body Works, is Danita Minnis! My very objective “sweetie” did the drawing, and the other names were returned to my golden pouch for the drawing tomorrow 🙂 Special thanks to everyone who has already stopped by to “like” and “tag” “Dark Sentinels.” I really appreciate the support. I’m still requesting that everyone who has a few seconds go to my  “Dark Sentinels”page at Amazon and “like” and “tag” it! Oh, and don’t forget to check my blogger site to keep up with the tour schedule :-) The first prize drawing is today, so comment, comment.