After signing a series with Red Rose Publishing earlier this year, I realized there was a gaping hole in my support system. Some call them Beta readers, critique groups, or just readers. Whatever the title may be, these people are the necessary back-bone of any great book. It is through their comments, concerns, questions, and occasional cheers, that the writer develops a more objective sense of her work. No one, no matter how wonderfully experienced, can honestly critique her/his own story – it is simply too close to the heart. We know exactly what we want to convey from scene to scene, but whether or not we hit the mark is beyond us without a loyal cadre of dedicated readers. These wonderful people are worth their weight in gold!

Over the past few months, I have requested assistance via e-mail as needed. Then, while perusing Rachelle Ayala’s blog, it dawned on me that it would make much more sense to create a group! Don’t ask why it didn’t occur to me before, but hey, better late than…you know what I mean. This said, I am officially launching the “Series Critique Crew.” A group of exceptionally intelligent people who have agreed to read my drafts as I work on them. Avid readers with honest opinions, their presence will definitely increase my productivity.  I’ll be sending out invitations in a few days.

The first book in the “Dark Sentinels” series is ready for release, just on hold until I complete some paperwork. Of course, the newly formed Crew will receive free books to all series publications. Since I’m working on three different series at the moment, there’s lots of writing and reading to be done J