Read me Dead


Emerald Barnes

Seven years ago, Alex Wheaton witnessed the murder of her parents. She was 10, and the murderer threatened to kill her if she told. Haunted by terrifying nightmares and debilitating memories during her senior year in high school, Alex turns to two male friends, Christian and Landon, for comfort.  Both of them have romantic interest in her. Her constant volleying between them causes problems in their friendship as they vie for her attention, and eventually has disastrous results.

Despite Alex’ constant whining, weakness, and neediness, all character traits I generally hate, I still found myself eager to continue reading because of the strong, loveable secondary characters. Even Alex’ twin brother, Matt, feeling betrayed because Alex kept information about their parents’ death a secret from him, becomes disgusted with her inability to make a decision, but Burgess’ ability to create suspense not only in the macro plot, but in the sub-plots as well, kept my attention.

Alex’ character is a bit more tolerable because “Read Me Dead” is primarily a YA novel, and in light of her traumatic experience, Alex is allowed and expected to have some issues. All in all, though, casting her insipid character as the star is the only real weakness in this otherwise entertaining read, and the unexpected twist at the end was a treat. Recommended 3.8 out of 5 stars.