Tomorrow’s guest for Fridays with Friends is marketing maven, Lynnette Phillips! She took a moment from her extremely busy schedule (she’s a presenter for this year’s Digital Publishing Virtual Summit – in progress right now) to visit with me and answer a few questions. Lynnette has written a number of books about marketing, including Fight Back! Don’t Let Twitter and Facebook Take Over Your Life, For Writers, Boost Book Sales With Social Media Networking: Foster Connections, Nurture Relationships, Shape Your Identity, andConfessions and Secrets of the Avid Book Reviews Blogger: Kick up Your Social Media Networking for Book Sales.

Although her products and projects are useful to any writer, or any independent sales person for that matter, Lynnette is especially well know among Indie and Self published authors. If you haven’t stumbled upon her online or met her in person, take the opportunity tomorrow, as she will be sharing some helpful tips. Even if you’ve already benefitted from some of her advice, you won’t be disappointed, so stop by and enjoy her interview with me tomorrow!